Toddler Program (12 months - 3 years)


Help Me Do It Myself

Children have a natural drive to be independent. In order for a child to thrive independently, we need to prepare an environment with child sized materials. Small practical life materials such as cups, meal preparation tools, and mops allows your child to have the independent freedom to learn. Children are also taught self-care  and toilet training when they are ready. When a child can be independent - it empowers them.


A Beautiful Environment

Our beautiful toddler classrooms are specially designed for your child between the ages of 12 and 36 months. It's full of child sized materials for your child to feel right at home. Here, your child develops fine and gross motor coordination using balance beams and bridges. 


Practice Makes Perfect

Children need the patience and trust of us to practice doing things for themselves. So often, adults sweep in and help children without giving them the chance. In our classroom, we observe the children and allow them to practice until they are able to master it. All mistakes are learning experiences when viewed with patience and respect. 

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An Environment That Promotes Learning

Many toddler rooms are can be loud and cluttered. Our rooms have a soft hum of movement that is peaceful and calm. The lack of distraction of busy posters and other chaotic items helps develop concentration. Development of this concentration at a young age is so beneficial as they move into the Primary room. 


Happy Days

Maria Montessori once said “One test of the correctness of the educational procedure is the happiness of the child.” If you observe our Toddler classroom, you will see children who are happy! They are happy because they have freely chosen their work which they are engaged in. This freedom and respect from their friends and teachers results in happy children who are eager to learn! 


New Friends

For many children this is their first school experience. Learning how to socialize with other children is a life long lesson. As your child grows at Ellington Montessori School these friendships strengthen.


Explore and Adapt

Toddlers are busy and interested in many things. Your child is free to move around the rooms to see, touch and hear all aspects of the materials. Children are able to independently choose their own activities. We place these beautiful materials on low shelves to entice them to explore and adapt to our classroom.


Growing With Us

Around the age of 3 years, your child with begin demonstrating their readiness to move up into our Primary room. We base this readiness on language and independence skills. Being a small program, your child will have seen the Primary room and will be excited for the big move up!

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